11 Casual Winter Outfits In Cheerful Colors

11 Casual Winter Outfits In Cheerful Colors

Casual style is always is comfy way to dress up for everyday outings, holidays, weekends and sometimes for work too. Casual winter outfits are quick and easy to pair, if you are in a hurry or if you must run out to meet a friend, or hit the market for an urgent shopping.
Due to the cold weather, wearing skinny jeans and leggings remains the best way to express the beauty of your cardigans and sweaters. Also many ladies love to look sexy and confident in tight clothes, not to mention the warmth that these pants offer when paired with boots.
So, I tried to show casual winter outfits with tight and skinny pants, except for one model of red jacket and flare jeans showing the warmth of red in winter outfits.

Christmas pullover paired with black jeans and brown boots

Most of the below casual winter outfits include loose jumpers and sweaters. I found them very elegant with skinny pants and they also allow you to wear an under layer of garments. The more layers you add, the warmer you are going to feel. And that theory applies too for the scarves and beanies, which complete the look.
Other casual winter outfits show beautiful cardigans, as I’m a big fan of cardigans of all colors and designs, and I also included two pullovers and one zipped hooded cardigan. The collection came in quiet colors with Christmas prints on some sweaters, to get you into the holiday mood.

red pullover paired with skinny jeans,half boots and red wool cowl

The designer of these beautiful outfits showed us great ideas for adding scarves and accessories to each look. We can see a great mix in colors and materials, to bring you benefit from the varieties. A simple pashmina was paired with the first cardigan, an infinity cotton scarf with another, where woven cowls and a cashmere scarf appeared really cozy with over-sized sweaters.
Speaking about boots, we can see a nice variety too, although most of us love Ugg boots in winter, still the knee high leather boots and ankle suede boots remain the best for creating elegant looks. We can see only one model came with white sneakers, for those who like to dress in active style and wear jeans, shirts, etc.

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womens pullover paired with beige cowl, black skinny jeans and half boots Christmas pullover with reindeer print, black skinny jeans, grey beanie and grey ugg boots

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womens pullover, cashmere scarf, black jeans, knee high burgundy boots and leather bag womens cardigan with black jeans, woven cowl, and half boots wool sweater with skinny jeans and half boots grey pullover with woven cowl, black jeans and boots red pullover with black jeans and half boots blue casual winter outfits for women

women cardigan with skinny jeans, scarf and brown boots