Fabletics Most Stylish Active Wear By Kate Hudson

Fabletics Most Stylish Active Wear By Kate Hudson

Exercise has become the most important habit for every woman, to stay healthy, enjoy her life and have a sexy body. So, during your time at the gym, yoga session or that nice run by the sea, you must choose sportswear that makes you feel comfortable, stylish and sexy. Today’s gift for you, dear ladies, is an incomparable collection of active wear by Kate Hudson.

active wear by Kate Hudson

What is Fabletics?

Fabletics is an online retailer that sells a wide variety of women’s sportswear, accessories and sneakers. The brand was co-founded by Kate Hudson in 2013, and later in 2015 it launched a new line for men’s active wear by Oliver Hudson. In 2016, the brand expanded its inventory to produce dresses and women’s swimsuits; increasing its revenue by 35% then in 2017 the company announced its official footwear line.
As for the retail stores, the brand scheduled to open around 100 branches over three to five years, starting in 2016, to offer its customers a great face-to-face experience in its brick-and-mortar presence.

Fabletics active wear by Kate Hudson

What does Fabletics introduce for women?

Fabletics introduce what all women dream of in their athletic wear, swimsuits, dresses and accessories… a huge variety in designs, materials, and sizing, to make every piece as comfortable as possible.

I started the collection with the plus-size, to show how suitable and comfortable are these clothes, but all others are absolutely fabulous.
As shown in the photos, the yoga pants, leggings and workout clothes are made of durable, high-quality lycra/spandex. You can also find the cotton-spandex where most of the sports bras, tanks and tops are made of, for more comfort and ventilation during the exercise.
Fabletics try to reach for every taste and age, so it offers stylish, printed clothes, in addition to personalized sportswear, to match your lifestyle and mood. You can check many beautiful collections on Fabletics Instagram, buy them through the online store, or buy directly from its 22 stores.

1- Plus Size Clothing

plus size yoga clothing fabletics plus size workout outfits black plus size workout suit for women fabletics active wear for women

2- Leggings & Bottoms

summer workout clothes for women printed workout leggings for women pink, white and black womens sports wear by fabletics

3- Yoga Clothes

floral yoga suits for women by fabletics sexy yoga suits for women by fabletics pink yoga suits for women by fabletics grey yoga outfits for women fabletics yoga clothes for women yoga clothes for women purple yoga outfits for women yoga workout outfits for women

4- Running, Exercise & Gym

black and blue training exercise outfits for women set of yoga clothes for women summer gym kit for women black sports wear for women orange summer sports wear for women summer fitness wear for women purple fitness wear for women blue summer sports clothing for women blue summer fitness clothes for women pink and blue summer gym clothes for women pink and grey summer gym outfits for women blue and white gym kit for women

5- Sweaters, Tops & Tanks

winter sports wear for women winter active wear for women sport tops by fabletics

6- Sports Bra

green, blue and grey sports bra designs by fabletics green sports bra by fabletics orange sports bra by fabletics navy sports bra by fabletics orange sports bra black sports bra with lace back

Images By Fabletics.com