Classy Winter Outfits -16 Irresistible Looks

16 Irresistible Looks For Classy Winter Outfits

Hello beautiful ladies! I’m still in love with winter clothes and trying to publish as many looks as I can, hopefully you find them appealing.
Following my casual winter outfits, I thought that casual style is important, but we still need a change in our wardrobe to look elegant at work and other meetings, dinners or events that we attend from time to time.
So, today’s topic is about classy winter outfits; showing really beautiful looks that will make you confident and shining everywhere you go.
I tried to introduce a variety of casual and classic looks, to help you choose which do you need more in your daily life and how to pair the already existing clothes in your wardrobe. That way you will be able to recycle some items, shoes or handbags that you were forgetting or not using much; into really classy winter outfits.

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classy winter outfits for women

I’m not really a fashion expert, but I know that black, brown and leopard add style to our winter clothes, and that’s obvious in the photos where we see a perfect match between the high heeled black boots and leopard print on handbags and clothes. That print really gave a style for the long winter coat, the fur collar of the black coat and the elegant vest paired with jeans and fur-collar top. All those matching piece result in beautiful, bold and classy winter outfits that suit your everyday life.

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brown wool dress with cashmere scarf and leather bootsIn addition to black coats, I chose models with camel-colored coats, to suit the short wool dresses and other classic looks where you may like a short skirt and nice cashmere top.
Speaking about the casual winter outfits, I collected some looks for cardigans, cropped jackets, loose sweaters and of course skinny jeans for many ladies love to wear them. In addition to clothes, many beautiful scarves looked great with the variety of handbags, boots and high heel shoes. We can see a good mix between suede footwear and leather handbags that came in really alluring patterns and expensive materials. The scarves included mostly cowls and snoods, with one elegant cashmere scarf, and another crinckly one made of chiffon and lace.

womens cardigans with leather boots and snake leather handbag black dress with leopard print coat, suede boots and leopard suede handbag skinny jeans, brown top and black coat with fur collar winter outfits for women with leather jacket and leather boots winter clothes with black coat for women classy brown dress with camel coat, suede leopard pumps and leather handbag work clothes for women with long coat and high heels wool dress with brown leather coat, leopard handbag and leather boots wool sweater, pencil skirt and fur collar coat with suede pumps and handbag beige cardigan, wool sweater and brown womens pants with high heel leather boots womens wool sweater paired with skinny jeans, leather jacket and high heel shoes womens cardigans, wool sweater and skinny jeans with leather boots wool pullover for women, paired with skinny jeans, half boots and leather bag womens cardigan paired with wool sweater, skinny jeans and suede boots

Most of these images are from:
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