21 Most Creative Easter Cake Designs For A Great Party

21 Most Creative Easter Cake Designs For A Great Party

Celebrating Easter and spring season is one of the loveliest things you can do with your kids, to please them and spend joyful times around your home. In addition to decorations and gifts, many women like to prepare surprises for their kids to enjoy. Baking a funny Easter cake is an easy way to surprise them, give them joyful holiday and save money when your budget is limited.

purple cake with flowers

There are different types and shapes of Easter cakes, but the more you add colors and animal shapes, the more you please your kids. No matter what size you bake, you can create a lovely theme with light colored frosting then top it with colorful candy eggs, flowers, bunnies, chocolate pieces, fruits, etc.
The type of frosting you use is determined according to the size and number of layers. Some women love the layered cakes as they are easy to bake and they allow them to make each layer in different color; something like drawing a story book for their kids.
Creamy frosting is preferred to be in various colors, to allow you draw shapes, add spots, decorate and color the candy figures on top of your Easter cake. The hard types of sugar frosting are more suitable for multi-layer cakes and only for covering the whole cake. You may buy such things from cake stores, if possible, to make the job easier and quick.

green cake with bunny decorations

Speaking of animal shaped Easter cakes, I can assure you they are the best for young aged kids. They may not be able to realize the different animal figures in larger cakes, so is better to bake/order them in a nice, small shape. Rabbits, roosters and tree shapes are used for Easter, and you can draw some birds, leaves, grass; or add cream, small candy pieces, chocolate ships to draw the eyes, moustache and such features. If you don’t have experience in cake decorating, yet you want to surprise your family; you can just bake a simple Easter cake with frosting and top it with some colorful candy eggs. You may try also ordering a simple, or big, Easter cake according to your budget.

In the photos below I collected very creative cake designs, as well as the most simple ones, to suit all types of Easter celebrations you may prepare. I hope they can give you great ideas. Please tell me in the comments below about your Easter cake and any new ideas/tips that we can try.

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