18 Creative Ways To Display Easter Flowers

18 Creative Ways To Display Easter Flowers

With these unique Easter flowers decorations, you will be able to grace your home with the most beautiful Easter and spring flowers ever. For the annual Easter decorations, you can buy all the accessories from a holiday store. But I’m talking about decorative art that consists of your own creations and fresh flowers from your backyard, which is not a common matter.
The ideas I’m presenting here today will inspire you for handmade crafts, in which you use fresh flowers to grace your home with a natural Easter atmosphere. You can use the same ideas to make Easter flowers arrangements all around your home, and on you dinner table too. Also preparing Easter flowers baskets with bunnies and colorful eggs; will surely make wonderful gifts for neighbors, friends and relatives.

Easter centerpiece made with flowers and mesh bunny

As I know that kids love to participate in Easter activities, I collected ideas showing egg shells as small flower vases, and others showing colored eggs in decorative arrangements. Kids will surely enjoy coloring the eggs or just arranging plastic ones in vases and small bird nests.
I always say that colors doesn’t matter in Easter flowers decorations, because you will be using amazing spring flowers in every possible color. But what really matters is using the suitable piece of accessory to create the perfect display.
That’s what I tried to show in 2 photos, one of which is an Easter wreath with stuffed bunny. The other is for an outdoor display made with big bunny statue surrounded with flowers. Such display is quite suitable for Easter parties, dessert bar, spring tea parties, etc.
I also added two models for those busy people who do last minute decorations. Two cheerful Easter flower vases that you can display as living room decoration or simply a centerpiece for your dinner table, with a nice bunny statue and some eggs around. Very simple and quick!

Easter wreath made with stuffed bunny, eggs and flowers

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bunny centerpiece made with Easter flowers

Easter centerpiece made with blue and green Easter eggs with flowers

Easter Lilies in pink vase with white bunny Easter flower basket with eggs and white bunny Easter lilies and daisies in glass vase Easter flower decorations with colored eggs

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Spring flowers in glass vase purple Easter flower basket with bunny Easter decoration, flowers in egg shells Purple spring flowers in glass vase Outdoor Easter centerpiece with bunny statue and flowers DIY Easter wreath with flowers and eggs Easter centerpiece flowers with colored eggs Easter centerpiece made with yellow flowers, eggs and bunnies Decorative Easter flowers in egg shells Easter flowers made in bunny shape